Grim Dawn Builds

Grim Dawn is one of the fastest growing video games currently which means more and more beginners are starting to play. When you first start playing Grim Dawn it can be difficult to figure out what build works best for your play style. In this article we will cover the best Grim Dawn Builds, as well as in-depth analysis of individual Grim Dawn Builds.

grim dawn builds and classes

Grim Dawn Builds Compendium

Grim Dawn Builds

If you are a beginner play or are looking to change up your future builds, we highly recommend using the Grim Dawn Builds Compendium above to get a better idea of your next build.

Recommended Grim Dawn Builds

When playing Grim Dawn, there are many different builds and classes that you can use. Your build will typically vary depending on your play style and the type of player you are. In the below section we will review our favorite Grim Dawn Builds and the pros and cons of each class.

Grim Dawn Oathkeeper Builds

Oathkeeper builds are one of the most popular Grim Dawn Builds for professional players because of its all around high quality attributes. Melee is one of the most commonly used attributes when playing with the Oathkeeper class. The Oathkeeper also offers a high variety of customization which can be used to improve your play style.

Grim Dawn Necromancer Build

The Necromancer build was introduced with the release of the Ashes of Malmouth expansion pack and offer a unique play style for users. With the ability to work with vitality, cold, aether, and even poison damage, the Necromancer offers a fun style that not many other Grim Dawn builds can offer.

Grim Dawn Nightblade Build

The Nightblade build is a melee assassin who specialies in close range melee attacks. The Nightblade can be considered one of the most powerful of all of the Grim Dawn builds. Most of the skill sets available for the Nightblade build are related to power and offensive attack. If you are an offensive player then the Nightblade build is a great option for you.

Grim Dawn Warlord Build

The Warlord build is growing in popularity in recent weeks because of the quick attacking power that the class offers. The Warlord build specializes in using fast weapons and quick attacks to eliminate enemies. We found the Warlord build is be a lot of fun to play through and we highly recommend this class.

Grim Dawn Shaman Build

The Shaman class is the master of lightning damage which can be extremely powerful for offensive minded players. The Shaman build is known for its ability to use two-handed weapons which separated this build for many other Grim Dawn Builds.

Grim Dawn Purifier Build

The Purifier build is a unique duel wielding class that offers a high rate of attack and quick movement speed. The Purifier build specializes in moving quickly and getting close to enemies before making their attack.

Grim Dawn Demolitionist Build

If you are looking for a powerful fire class then the demolitionist build is your best choice. The Demolitionist build is the most powerful fire build out of all of the Grim Dawn builds. This build is typically used by offensively minded players who want to deal the most damage possible.

Grim Dawn Arcanist Build

The Arcanist Grim Dawn build is one of the most popular classes because of its magic abilities. The arcanist class allows for users to take advantage of fire, cold, lightening, and even aether elemental damage which makes it one of the most powerful Grim Dawn builds.

Grim Dawn Inquisitor Build

The Inquisitor build requires users to purchase the Ashes of Malmouth expansion pack but is one of the most unique builds available. Many users who play with the Inquisitor build will specialize in ranged attacks which can be very useful against aggressive foes.