MLB Crypto Investment Guide

It seems like nearly everyday people are talking about a brand new collectible in the cryptocurrency space.  But there aren’t many that I actually take seriously, but MLB Crypto definitely peaked my attention.

mlb crypto has become one of the most popular blockchain games

So I created this guide to be a tool to help all of my readers to get a better understanding of the new MLB Crypto as well as get a better idea of how to invest before the market booms.  So let’s jump straight into it.

What Is MLB Crypto Baseball?

Introduced just a short time ago, MLB Crypto Baseball is one of the newest blockchain games in the crypto gaming industry.  This may be one of the first projects to connect with the mainstream media and the average sports fan. I believe these crypto collectibles will have a very promising future.

MLB Crypto Baseball describes their project like this:

“MLB Crypto Baseball is a blockchain-based sports game that anyone can play using their very own crypto figures!

Every game of MLB Crypto Baseball is tied to a live MLB game in real time. Your figures will earn stats based on how well they perform in each MLB game. The better your teams and players perform in a live MLB game, the more your figures will improve.”

It seems like the Lucid Sight group has taken inspiration from fantasy sports as well as some of the original crypto collectibles such as CryptoKitties.  But I believe their partnership with the MLB could be a point that separates them from all the other crypto gaming projects.

Here is a short video that Yahoo Finance did on the project.

I’m sure everyone has owned or at least heard of baseball cards before, so I believe that this project definitely has potential to become the “modern-day baseball card”.

How Does MLB Crypto Work?

MLB Crypto Players

As this blockchain game is still being developed, it is expected to grow and evolve throughout time, but as of now, the average baseball fan can log in and begin to collect digital figures that look just like different players in the MLB.

In order to get your first player, you can either find other players who are selling players, or you can even buy them directly from the marketplace that is run by the MLB Crypto group.

The price of players can be drastically different between different players.  Some have been sold for as much as 16 ethereum (roughly $4,500 as of late August 2018) but then there are also many players who are much, much cheaper than that.

Here are a few MLB Crypto players who are currently for sale.

The marketplace uses an auction style similar to eBay.  However, what makes it a little different is that MLB Crypto uses a “reverse auction”.  Which means that the seller sets their maximum price and the lowest selling price, and as the auction timeline goes down so does the price point of the player.

How Do I Play Crypto Baseball?

MLB Crypto are taking a huge leap in trying to attract the average sports fan into their blockchain game because the average sports fan doesn’t have much experience with anything related to the blockchain.  So at first, I thought this would be a hurdle for them, but I was pleasantly surprised that on the MLB Crypto website they have provided their users with very in-depth instructions for everything you need to download as well as how to set everything up.  Here is a quote directly from their website.

“How Do I Play MLB Crypto Baseball?”

“To play MLB Crypto Baseball follow these steps:

  • Head to the Marketplace and purchase an MLB Crypto Baseball figure.
  • Coming soon, you’ll be able to create a roster under the “Gameplay” page with your owned figures.
  • You’ll be able to place each figure on your roster onto the appropriate position of the Playfield.
  • Once set, you’ll pay a gas fee (a low transaction fee that typically costs a couple of cents) to lock your figures in place.
  • Figures automatically play in every live game that their real-world MLB team is playing in, and they’ll receive stats in real-time from the corresponding players.
  • If your team wins, you have a chance of generating a brand new figure!”

The group wants their crypto game to be as easy to understand as possible, and I believe that the effort they put in to make sure it is simple is a huge plus for potential investors because this makes it much easier for the average fan to join in on the action.

Is MLB Crypto Worth Investing In?

At the end of the day, you have to be willing to make your own decision because it is your money.  But I believe this project has a very promising future, and its partnership with the MLB could really turn out to be a huge thing.  Imagine if the MLB themselves start to promote this to their millions of fans instead of trying to sell physical baseball cards or memorabilia.

This project could be one of the first crypto collectibles to be adopted by the average person.  Which could be incredibly important for the growth of crypto gaming and blockchain games as a whole, but also improve the growth of cryptocurrencies.

I have started to secure some more players when I find good deals on the marketplace, and I expect more and more people to begin to do the same.

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