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TFT Tier List

Official Teamfight Tactics Tier List For Patch 10.25

Teamfight Tactics is one of the fastest growing games in the industry right now and with every new patch it is important to look at how Riot Games has changed the strength of champions. We worked with top TFT players to come up with the ultimate TFT tier list for patch 10.25 to help educate players on what the meta is and which champions got nerfed.

We saw a large amount of changes in the TFT 10.25 patch and we can expect more similar changes in the future as the game continues to evolve throughout 2021. Below is the official TFT Tier list with an explanation of the current TFT meta, and TFT meta builds.

TFT Tier List For Patch 10.25

tft tier list for patch 10.25 and tft meta builds

Thoughts On The TFT Tier List & Current TFT Meta Builds

There are many different strategies and techniques based on the current TFT tier list and this can depend on your playing style. Certain professional players will have a more aggressive play style compared to others who are more likely to make calculated moves.

TFT Tier List - Early Game

When we take a look at the Teamfight Tactics tier list during the early game sequences we can see that the meta builds are currently Diana and Zed. When looking at the play styles of many professional players we will see that these are the two most common champions used across the board. Other than Diana and Zed, it is common for players to utilize Elize, Thresh, Vayne, Pyke, Garen, and multiple other champions. We recommend utilizing the champion that you are most comfortable and building your TFT meta builds around your play style.

TFT Tier List - Mid Game

When analyzing the mid game sequences of profession TFT players we see that Zed is still commonly used but this time instead of Diana we see many players using Katarina. This is a powerful change and we highly recommend giving this switch a shot if it fits your playing style. During the mid game it is also common to see champions such as Jinx, Pyke, Janna, Evelynn, and others.

TFT Tier List - Late Game

The late game sequence is unique and because of this it offers a wide variety of different TFT meta builds. The late game sequences are usually varied depending on the playing style of the player. It is common to see a wide variety of different champions performing well during the late game. The most common champions we see profession TFT players using during this stage are Aatrox, Ahri, Riven, Warwick, Yone, Sett, Lee Sin, and Katarina. There are many great choices during the late game and we recommend using the character that best fits your play style. We typically recommend beginners to not use Nunu, Xin Zhao, or Yuumi during the late game.

TFT Tier List Methodology

When we review the current TFT tier list as well as talk about TFT meta builds we typically will use the same methodology that is common across the gaming industry. This helps to insure accuracy as well as make it easier for understand for gamers across multiple different games and platforms.

How We Rank Our TFT Tier List

As you will notice by our tier list image above, we utilize three main tiers when we are talking about rankings. Below are the different tiers that we use:

  • S-Tier - S-Tier is the most powerful champs and are typically used when talking about meta builds.
  • A-Tier - A-Tier is slightly below S-Tier but are still extremely powerful champs that are commonly used in comps and competitive play.
  • B-Tier - B-Tier is the worst tier when compared to S-Tier or A-Tier, but can still provide a situational opportunity depending on your specific play style.

If we don't use any of the three tiers above in our Teamfight tactics tier list then we will usually label all the other champions as "not on the list" or "not recommended". These champs will typically be difficult for beginner plays to find success with.

Thank you for reading our complete TFT tier list review and patch 10.25 update article. For more gaming articles please check out our gaming blog posts.